Terms of Services

Welcome to the Victorthemes Store, a best subscription service for digital products. When you accept the terms and conditions and create an account you become a member of the Vitorthemes Store. During the subscription period you agree to follow the rules mentioned in the terms and conditions. So make sure to read the terms and conditions properly and understand them.

  • For a subscription plan use a credit card or Paypal to pay for the plan. The handling fee has to be paid by you depending on the payment option you choose.
  • Our system will automatically collect the amount from the payment option you gave for the next payment period after the current subscription period expires.
  • In case at any unavoidable circumstance if our system failed to deduce the amount from the account for the next payment period you subscription will be suspended until the next payment is done.
  • When you sign up and become a subscriber you should follow the terms and conditions including the preferred payment options.

1. In our store we come with 2 types of subscription types: personal and team. You can choose either choice based on which plan suits you. Follow the above mentioned payment rules to become a subscriber. The anti fraud check will be carried out for the security purpose.

2. Subscribers are completely allowed to download any number of items included in the subscription and create an end product using them. You can share the end product to your clients too. But you are not allowed to share products in the VIctorthemes Store to others through any means. Also, you are not allowed to resell the products on any sites.

3. You will be provided with the quality support in case of necessity of the technical support as per the subscription plan you purchased.

4. The products belong to victorThemes Store and you don’t have or claim for the exclusive ownership for the products 8included in the subscription, either it may be modified or unmodified.

5. We are selling online products which cannot be “returned” so we developed This refund policy by keeping this in mind. Since the products can’t be returned, It is the complete responsibility of the customer to make sure that the products will fulfill your needs or the subscription is worthfull. For further information you can explore of refund policy

6. We value your information and respect your privacy so we take precautions to protect it.