Refund/Cancellation Policy

In our Victor Themes store we are selling online products which cannot be “returned” so we developed This refund policy by keeping this in mind. Since the products can’t be returned, It is the complete responsibility of the customer to make sure that the products will fulfill your needs or the subscription is worthful. Anyhow, there are some unavoidable circumstances in it so we come up with this Refund policy.

Our Kind Request before Asking for refund:

In case after purchasing the products it doesn’t satisfy your needs or you are experiencing The technical issue you can ask for the author to support and seek assistance. Most often they will be always available to rectify your issues.

Asking for refund:

There are some exceptional situations that only refund can be done.

In that case, we have some circumstances where you can have the refund.

The product is not delivered or Not Downloaded:

There may be a situation after purchasing the product you can’t be able to download the product, due to network issues or any other reason. During that circumstance we ask you to go for the support to get fixed. Even after the support you are not satisfied with the service and support you can ask for the refund. But all these to be done within 14 days or otherwise we will consider It as the order is received or delivered.

Item is not as Described:

If the item that you purchased is not as mentioned in the presentation and the way it has been described you can ask for the refund. But, Before that you can ask for the author to fix the issues. Even After that the product can’t be fixed or they are not working as mentioned then you can go for the refund.

Service Not provided as described:

After purchasing an item and you ask for the support and you didn’t receive any proper response or technical support from the creator you are eligible to ask for the refund.

Support Extension Not Used:

After purchasing the product with extensive support if you wish to have the refund, You need to ask for it before the extensive support period starts. Even after the single day after the extension support you are not eligible for the refund.

The partial refund may be issued in case of any complex projects at the cost of any milestone we are not completed during the support. But also keep In Mind that products purchased over the 3 months are not eligible for the refund.


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Mail Id:

Please give a maximum of 24 hours for the author to get back to you on the Issue. Or in case of any further queries you can contact our customer care for more information.